Artificial Intelligence focused on increasing your Ad Revenue.

Maximize my Ad Revenue

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Proprietary Technology

Artificial intelligence algorithms designed to optimize real-time offers by combining hundreds of data points to predict how to generate the highest revenue with your inventory.

Creative Lab

We maximize revenue with our responsive and 100% customizable video ad formats and creative display formats, powered by artificial intelligence. Gain high visibility, increased impact, and greater revenue.

Net0 Payments

We enable publishers to have a stronger cash flow and access their revenue to reinvest it. We pay Net0, immediately after the closed month.

Improve Your Programmatic Stack and Increase Ad Revenue

Ad Management Services

We offer expert digital advertising management for publishers.

Access to self-service platform with metrics, revenue and payment conditions overview.

Receive priority support 24/7, 365 days a year.

Real-time reporting available.

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Boost Your Revenue

Our platform combines premium demand sources with our own technology to achieve the best possible monetization.

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Highlights of our proprietary technology

Discover how we can help scale your business. With cutting-edge technology and access to premium demand, we offer the ideal solution for publishers seeking to maximize their revenue.

AdBumps Revenue Booster (A-RB)

Activate a new strategy that will maximize your revenue. With data-driven technology and algorithmic intelligence that simplifies price rule optimization, enabling a 100% for a 100% fill rate; you can achieve the highest possible ROI.

AdBumps One-Tag Integration (A-OTI)

Simplify the integration process, saving time and resources, by easily integrating via the Google Ad Manager API, without the need for code updates or extra costs.

AdBumps Banner Refreshing AdTech (A-BRA)

Optimize your advertising efficiency and increase audience engagement with our technology that refreshes ads at regular intervals, increasing visible impressions without the need for creating new ad spaces.

We offer display and video formats for Web and In-App.

Real-time reporting dashboard with visibility into metrics and results.

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